5 Ways To Be More Productive

telecommunication-451040_640Have you ever caught yourself saying “where has the time gone?” or “is it that time already?” in disbelief and you’ve hardly got anything done.

I’ve being doing it a lot lately, I’m hardly getting anything done. I’ve been working on my product about how I am making money online working 1 – 2 hours a day. I was hoping I would have it finished by now, but it seems like it’s never ending. I gave myself a deadline to have it completed by, but every time I think it’s complete I realize I’ve missed something or another.

Now I have finally got it done, (still a little while before launch), I’ve realized I could have done it in half the time if only I was doing what I doing these past two weeks which was being more productive with my time. Here are 5 tips that made me more productive:

  1. Make daily tasks

I used to do weekly tasks for myself, so by the end of the week I would have certain tasks complete. Even though this was productive. It wasn’t as productive as giving myself daily tasks and writing them done. I realized I would get twice as much done in a week than would usually.

  1. Get off Facebook

For me getting off Facebook was the most productive thing I did to get things done. Now, please don’t get me wrong, I am not saying delete your account. Facebook is a great place to be to move your business forward, but if you are on there 24/7 mindlessly commenting on other peoples photos or playing games, and liking other peoples comments and not learning anything new to grow your business, then get off it.

  1. Limit your time

If you think you have all the time in the world to do a certain task you’ll probably take all the time in the world to complete it. Budget your time just like you’ll do will your money. Tell yourself you will need a certain task complete 20 – 30 minutes early. This will pressure you to get the task complete.

  1. Exercise

Exercising before work is a great way to more productive, as the brain is getting more oxygen and glucose and it loves it.

  1. Stop Multi-tasking

There is a myth that if you multi task you will get more done. Not true, you end up spending longer to do the tasks at hand because the brain has to switch from one thing to another it interrupts brain function adding to your stress levels.

I hope this all helps. Let me know what works for you in the comments below.

Until Next time. . . .


  • Joy Healey

    Reply Reply May 25, 2015

    Hi Tasleem

    Those are great tips. My biggest problem is unexpected interruptions that are usually crises and need dealing with ASAP.

    They mean I can never get settled down to what I need to do.

    Joy Healey recently posted…Getting Paid To BlogMy Profile

    • tasleem khan

      Reply Reply May 28, 2015

      Thanks for your comment. That is so true. At times I get so many, I just feel like I have got nothing done.

  • Hollie Hawley

    Reply Reply May 26, 2015

    Helpful hints. Honestly, I think that one reason tasks take so long for me is that I underestimate how long they will take. In addition to the time spent actually doing the task, which I chronically underestimate, I may also end up having technical problems, needing to check facts or do research, or otherwise having to interrupt my work in order to do my work.

    Best of luck with your product! I’ll keep an eye open for it.
    Hollie Hawley recently posted…Don’t Collect Stuff Without Learning to Use ItMy Profile

    • tasleem khan

      Reply Reply May 28, 2015

      Thanks for your comment.

  • Hi Tasleem,

    sounds like you were suffering a bout of procrastination caused by perfectionism. You have some good tips here and they are the sort of thing i recommend to my clients all the time, Be careful of putting to many things on your daily todo list, if you aren’t careful you will not leave room for the unexpected. I recommend a daily action list of no more than 3 tasks that come what may need to be completed or at least started during that day
    Mike Gardner is The Time Doctor recently posted…Precrastination – Less Speed, More HasteMy Profile

    • tasleem khan

      Reply Reply May 28, 2015

      Thank you for the advise, I will try and just put 3 tasks on my daily list, but I always like pushing myself to do more, so I ending putting more.

  • Mark

    Reply Reply May 31, 2015

    Great list of suggestions Tasleem!

    I especially like # two!LOL!

    Far too many waste way too much potentially profitable time, by being pre-occupied and distracted with time killing activities on sites like Facebook and other time consuming social media sites!

    And # four is also a great suggestion as well.I’m glad you finished your product and you’re finally ready to go into pre launch and the official launch phase of things!

    Thanks for sharing such an excellent list!

    BTW,I found your excellent blog while commenting on Joy Healey’s excellent blog!
    Mark recently posted…Wonder Why So Many Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Miss This incredibly Simple Marketing Opportunity?Part ThreeMy Profile

    • tasleem khan

      Reply Reply June 7, 2015

      Thank you for your comment.

  • Sky Nealon

    Reply Reply June 3, 2015

    Hi Tasleeem

    Great post and advice that you have shared with other, I agree that multi-tasking is so over-rated. Like you have mentioned, it’s sometimes betters to just focus on one task at a time and do it properly.

    One thing I’d like to also add of which you have touched upon is that: if people just spend 10 minutes each week writing a weekly to-do list, then on a separate piece of blank paper, break down that list into a few different task to achieve daily, it will certainly help them to sustain interest in pursuing their goals.

    Far too often, people’s productivity level drop due to lack of interest from doing repetitive task daily, such a shame really.

    Anyway keep up the great work and I look forward to following your success story.


    • tasleem khan

      Reply Reply June 7, 2015

      Thank you for your comment, and adding value to the post. 🙂

  • Rohit Gaikwad

    Reply Reply June 7, 2015

    Hi Tasleem,

    Useful article to increase the productivity.

    Make daily task prepares our mind for task which need to be done and as we know mind readiness is the most important thing. By restricting access to social media can really save our time which can be use to accomplish other activity. Exercise refreshes our body and mind both.

    If you ask me about multitasking then i will say busy mind is more productive. Someone had said that if you want your difficult task to be done assign it to most busy person and most of the time busy person handles more than on task.
    Rohit Gaikwad recently posted…Line’s Popcorn Buzz: Free Group CallsMy Profile

    • tasleem khan

      Reply Reply June 7, 2015

      Thank you for your comment.

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