Always Expect the Unexpected

puzzle-421718_640Any readers that have be following my blog closely will know that I have been creating my product called Auction Profits Exposed that launched this week, today is the last day to get it for a discount price and after that it will be increasing. But this post is not about I am not here to talking about my product LOL. 🙂

It’s about what I have been going this past week and what I have learnt in which this amazing launch.

  1. Expect the unexpected

Yes, very cliché I know, but that is exactly what happened before the launch. I personally like to plan things to a T and get everything in order before I do things, or announce things, just like this product, it was finished a month ago and tested and done. All I had to do was market it. Right? WRONG!!! I had so many issues right until the morning of the launch that I thought I would never get it done.

It all started when I was announcing my product on FB that someone bought it. Which I personally thought it was great, but they couldn’t access the upsell they had bought. They messaged me on FB about the problem. He was so nice about it, and helped me see the issues that I could potentially have when I go live. And that wasn’t picked up when I tested. Around this time it was a week left to launch date. I tried to fix the issue but 2 days had past and no solution was in sight. I asked on some FB groups and realized I wasn’t the only person who had the issues with optimize member and protecting content. The only solution was Wishlist, which was either $197 for a single license or $297 for unlimited license. I went for the $197 single license as I was only going to use it on one site.

  1. Keep your Cool

After installing Wishlist, I had no idea on how to set it up, their training was okay, but due to my panic I was clearing understanding them. John, assured me everything will be okay, just keep calm. Wait till tomorrow and everything will be okay. Then another issue came up that went people were buying the product, no passwords or logins were being sent to the buyers email address.  This problem even stumped John as he could not figure out why this was happening. 48 hours till launch and nothing was getting fixed. Messages were being sent back and forth. Then finally a breakthrough, 4 hours before launch, the issue was fixed. The problem was my Home page for my site was protected and it shouldn’t have been.

  1. What about my auto responder?

Another major issue was when buyers were buying they were not being added to my auto responder list, which was Aweber. To fix the issue quickly I moved to Get Response, and the issue was fixed. However I was familiar with Aweber and I personally liked it. Now I have to go through the process of learning how to use Get Response.

I had other minor issues with this launch but I thought I would just share a few major ones that gave me sleepless nights. Have you have any issues before a launch, if so let me know in the comments below.

Until Next Time. .  . .


  • Peter Beckenham

    Reply Reply November 30, 2015

    Hi Tasleem,

    This post was extremely helpful to me as I am planning my own product launch aoon.

    Thanks so much for sharing your experiences (and your solutions) as you went through your product launch.

    Sure sounds like some unexpected stress can easily happen in any product launch despite how well planned and organized you think you are.

    But the good news is you sorted it out and will now benefit so much from building your very own buyers list where you are perfectly positioned as an authority.

    Thanks again and best wishes for your success with your launch from a remote Thai village entrepremeur.

    Peter Beckenham recently posted…You Don’t Have To Do It AloneMy Profile

    • tasleem khan

      Reply Reply December 6, 2015

      Hi Pete, Glad you found it useful, and yes it was unexpected stress, but worth it in the end. 🙂

  • Yvonne A Jones

    Reply Reply December 1, 2015

    Thanks for sharing valuable lessons, Tasleem. It’s good to test and retest yourself, but getting others to go through the entire buying process if even better.

    So glad you were able to get everything taken care of, even it were only hours before the launch of your new product.
    Yvonne A Jones recently posted…How to Use Social Media Marketing to Build Your Personal BrandMy Profile

    • tasleem khan

      Reply Reply December 6, 2015

      Thank you Yvonne, I have to admit it was hard, but worth it in the end 🙂

  • David A Rhodes

    Reply Reply December 1, 2015

    Hey Tasleem. Looks like you have had a time. Just showed what kind of person you are. A person I would want on my team. I have not launched a product as of yet but I have plans to launch soon.
    You could have easily fallen apart and just told yourself better luck next time. I salute you. Good luck on your next successful launch. I say successful cause some how we know it will. Sincerely. David

    • tasleem khan

      Reply Reply December 6, 2015

      Thank you David, 🙂 and good luck in your launch.

  • Rusty Campbell

    Reply Reply January 12, 2016

    Nice article. A good example of perseverance. Keep up the good work.

    Rusty Campbell
    Rusty Campbell recently posted…Windows Keyboard Shortcuts That Save TimeMy Profile

    • tasleem khan

      Reply Reply January 22, 2016

      Thank you Rusty 🙂

  • Selma Mariudottir

    Reply Reply January 30, 2016

    Hi Tasleem,

    It’s like the unexpected is what should be expected in life in general. I always find this to be truth no matter the circumstances. I think we don’t have the capacity to plan everything out no matter how smart or dedicated we were. There are just things that we can’t foresee no matter how hard we try.

    Best regards, Selma
    Selma Mariudottir recently posted…Free WP Plugin Allows You To Quickly Remove Time And DateMy Profile

    • tasleem khan

      Reply Reply February 2, 2016

      That is so true, we think we have planned everything to Tee but then something happens, and fixing it or getting back up just shows how great we are 🙂

  • Christine

    Reply Reply April 4, 2016

    Great article, Tasleem.


    • tasleem khan

      Reply Reply May 1, 2016

      Thank you, Christine.

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