How to Approach Potential JVs

meeting-1019875_640Okay in my past post I mentioned How NOT to approach JVs,so if you haven’t read it make sure you do, since this post is the flip side of that. Here I’ll be giving a few tips on how you should approach potential JVs and that worked for me when I launched my product Auction Profits Exposed.

  1. The worst thing you can do when approaching JVs is send a generic email or FB message to them and say I have a product, can you promote it. You need to connect with them and make your messages personal, by making it personal the potential JV will actually sit up and listen since it will not be the boring junk they get every day.
  1. Do your homework before you before you reach out to someone, and when I say do your homework, I mean check out their online business, sign up to their emails, check them out on Facebook, see what they do etc. See if they are a right fit for you, as well.
  1. Buy their products – Yes, BUY their products, not just their front end product but their up sells, okay I don’t mean buy every single one but buying their latest products and then contact them to give a customer testimonial of the product. They would really appreciate it, make you stand out of the crowd and get their attention.
  1. Remember it’s NOT about YOU or your product, it’s about what you can do for your potential JV, before even mentioning your product ask how you can help them. If they need a blog post done or an email campaign written, or something else, do for them for free. Everyone has a price, it’s about knowing what that price is, and I don’t mean it in money sense. Yes it will cost you in time but in the long run it will pay off.
  1. Joining Facebook groups where you could build potential JV partner and give value in those groups, this helps you to get noticed so when you do announce your product people will be more than happy to check it out and more likely to promote your product.

Okay, I hope that helps, I know there are a ton of other stuff that you can do, but here I just wanted to mention the ones that really helped me. Please share any more tips that have helped you in getting potential JVs.


  • Barry Joyce

    Reply Reply March 15, 2016

    Hey Tasleem, an interesting read.

    Some great points and a one people should take notice of.

    I look forward to following your journey and reading more great advice

    All the best

    Barry Joyce recently posted…Social Media Marketing – With Google PlusMy Profile

    • tasleem khan

      Reply Reply March 16, 2016

      Thank you Barry, Glad you found the points useful 🙂

  • Proof that I come from a different era. A JV to me is completely different that a marketing arrangement. But, I did learn from this. Thanks.
    Roy A. Ackerman, PhD, EA recently posted…1 down. 1 to go.My Profile

    • tasleem khan

      Reply Reply March 16, 2016

      Hey Roy,

      Thank you for your comment. Glad you did learn and find the post useful. 🙂

  • James Hughes

    Reply Reply March 24, 2016

    Great article post, dude! You have an excellent understanding of your topic and you had discussed it so well. I also think that generic emails are a real turn-off when approaching JVs.


    • tasleem khan

      Reply Reply May 1, 2016

      Thank you, James. Glad you liked it, 🙂

  • Kim Standerline

    Reply Reply March 31, 2016

    Ahh some excellent points here Tasleem. It drives me crazy when folks just pop up on FB messenger and demand I look at their product, especially when I don’t know them.


    • tasleem khan

      Reply Reply May 1, 2016

      Thank you for your comment Kim, glad you liked the points mentioned in the post. 🙂

  • Shahnawaz

    Reply Reply June 8, 2016

    Hey Tasleem,

    I am very happy that I stopped here on your blog and got opportunity to read this wonderful post.

    This is very hash truth that getting into big jv’s circle is tough and you have to come with your own way.

    Nice read . Keep it up

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