5 Common List Building Myths

Today I just want to disperse with a few common List building Myths people have.

  1. “Size Matters” – WRONG! Size does not matter, I have seen a list with about 200 subscribers and get results of thousands and thousands of dollars. A small RESPONSIVE and interested list of subscribers is ALWAYS better than a big un-interested list.
  1. “The Money is in the list” WRONG It’s in the relationship and trust you have with the list.
  1. “List building and Email Marketing is dead and a thing of the past” – This is Wrong! Email marketing is still alive and kicking. It may be an old fashioned way of communication but used correctly to a hungry audience it still can yield results.
  1. “It takes 7 – 9 emails before a subscriber becomes a buyer”  NOT True at all! This has been tested and you can make a sale from the get go. You can make MULTIPLE sales, from upsells, down sells, cross sells and OTO (One Time offers) from a completely NEW subscriber.
  1. “Sending “too many” emails will annoy the heck out of your subscribers and lead them to unsubscribing.

This is a VERY common myth, that if you send “too” many emails you will irritate your list. Well studies have shown, and I have seen myself if you increase your emails you can double your open rate and increase sales. It can have little unsubscribe rate. But don’t get me wrong people unsubscribing IS a part of business. You should never see it as a bad thing BUT as a good thing. Why? It acts as a natural cleanser it gets rid of the people who don’t want to hear from and are not going to buy from you. You ONLY want people on your list who love you and want what you have to offer. So I say “good riddance” to the unsubscribes.

A good rule of thumb as to how many times you should sent out emails, whenever you have something USEFUL and RELEVANT to share with your subscribers. If you have something they NEED, or a solution to their problem every single day, then by all means send an email every single day. They will appreciate it and even thank you for it.

What are your most common list building myths that you have heard?

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