JV Relations and Prices

As part of John’s training we can attend weekly webinars.

Today I attended my 1st webinar on the partnership to success program. As usual it full of content – I have attended a few of his webinars before and they have always been full of great advice and actionable content, this was no different. He was showing what he was doing in his business right now and what we can do as well. However there was something that really stuck with me that kept on going through my mind long after the webinar had finished. And that is what I want to share with you today.

Its about how to approach potential JV’s

in the webinar john spoke about how a internet marketer had approached him in the hope John would promote his product. The conversation when something like this:

Hi, Can you promote this product for me {link for the product} thanks

John: Hi, I am sorry I do not know who you are.

I have promoted for you in the past, so can you promote for me (this was a lie), I don’t care if you do it next week, next week, or even next year just promote the product [gave link}. Thanks.

How do think that went? Do think John promoted his product? Simple answer: NO!!

I don’t know about you but I thought he was rude and commanding. I thought was a newbie, but it turned out that we wasn’t. I was shocked!!!

So it got me thinking what would the right way be? As we all want as many good, reliable JV’s as we can right?

Its all about forming relationships.

A wise old man once said to me, that everyone has a “price”, if you are willing to something for them they will hopefully do something for you.

And this is true for Internet Marketers, If you just introduce yourself at first to your potential JV partner and ask them what you can do for them. This could be anything from writing a few emails for them, sending traffic to their site, writing an article for their blog, doing graphics for them if you know how to that, then in return when you do ask them to promote your product the potential JV will know you, as the relationship would have developed and they might say yes.

Until the next time…

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