Top 4 Online Internet Marketing Trends to look for in 2015

The internet is forever changing its way information is shared, and 2015 will be no exception. This is obviously going to impart on the Internet Marketing World. There are 4 key trends to look for:

Responsive Web Designs for better Conversion Rates

Even though responsive web design has been a trend for about the past 3 years now, in 2015, responsive design will be MOST. Google now takes into account when ranking site mobile friendly sites, so a simple change can impact your ranking and web presence


Mobile Friendly Content

As more and more people have started to use their smartphones and tablets to browse the net, it’s necessary for companies to create content that’s accessible to mobile users. According to Forbes, “87% of connected devices sales by 2017 will be tablets and smartphones.” It’s important for your brand / company to have an app so it can provide a positive experience to mobile users. If not then your brand / company will be left to die in the dark ages of the internet era.


Engaging Content

Content is NOT dead!!! Over the years there has been a shift in how content is produced before content was produced with external sponsored advertising links, banners etc. Now pure clean original content which is more engaging and customer based is being produced and on the rise.

Social Media Diversity

Social Media has become a MOST, and you can’t just rely on Facebook anymore to establish yourself and grow your business. With new social media sites popping up nearly every week you need to get yourself out there to increase your visibility of your brand. Even though it’s still a mystery to many businesses, marketers and individuals, social media sites gives us an insight to the latest trends in our niche markets.

Make sure you start implementing them in your business now before you get left behind.

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