Week One, Done . . . . . Finally!!

Okay so week of my Partnership is completed and WHAT a week, even though it was easy tasks to do it took longer than expected. I have so many stumbling blocks, mine came when I had to register my domain name, I registered tasleemkhan.com a long time ago, it expired but some higher domain registrar decided to renew it, so I had to register with my old company. BUT I forgot my log in details!!! Finding them was a task in itself, but anyway once I phoned the company and spent 3 hours on the phone, yes 3 hours in total. I registered and was told I could transfer the domain across to where ever I wanted after 24 hours.

That’s where my second major road block came. I don’t do it!!! WHY? The company lied I had to wait 60 days before I could transfer it!!

Then signing up for Facebook, signing up wasn’t the hard bit, it was the personal questions being asked. I’m personally quiet a shy person I don’t like going to social gathering and parties and I don’t know about you, but I hate it when a complete strange keeps on asking you questions you don’t want to answer and that is what I felt Facebook was doing. Then learning to navigate around the place.

Once I mastered Facebook it was my Cpanel with my hosting provider I just couldn’t install WordPress because I couldn’t find the script, it was there but just didn’t know how to find it. But thankfully, D9 hosting was great customer services, so that was finaly resolved.

But I have to admit by the end of the week I was on the edge of pulling my hair out!!!


NEVER Give Up on your Dreams!!

Until next Time . . . . .

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