Welcome to My Partnership to Success Journey

I have started a mentoring program.      Why?I needed someone to teach me the ropes of Internet Marketing, the RIGHT way. I choose partnership to success with John Thornhill.  I could have chosen other Internet marketers to mentor me, but I choose John.

Why?        Will it was simple I’ve been on his mailing list for years and years now, heck, I still even remember him launching his coaching program for the first time. This is when Omer Martian joined – being on his list I saw from the side lines see his students make money online.

It gave me the opportunity to see that John cared about his students he wasn’t leaving them in the dark, he was simple, honest and ethical. Plus being a successful internet marketer, who has been marking money online for nearly 10 years. It was a no brainer.

It’s a 12 month course and I’ve just started week 1 and it’s all about laying the right foundations for your online business. It’s simple, easy to follow steps.

The foundations being buying a domain, hosting and setting up this blog.

So come and join me on this amazing journey as I will be writing more about the mentoring program “Partnership to Success” and my online experiences.

Talk soon

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