What’s holding YOU back?

I was watching Gotham a new TV series that has started in the US. It’s about Gotham City before the arrival of the Batman and when, – the central character – Jim Gordon, just a detective. The pilot episode centers on the tragic murder of the Waynes and the defying moment for the young Bruce Wayne that will eventually make him in to the great Batman we all know him as.


The episode focuses on his fear that held him back wanting to help his parents when they were getting attacked. During the episode you see the young Bruce Wayne start to face his fears by climbing tall building and standing on edge ready to jump off. At the end of it, it got me thinking about when fear has held me back when I wanted to go rock climbing. I was so scared of the heights and worried that I might fall and hurt myself or worse, I didn’t to do it.  I started thinking of the when I wanted to apply for a better job but the fear of being rejected and thinking I was not good enough for it held me back.

Fear is a very powerful emotion. Fear can cripple us, it can age us, and it can hold us back from achieving our dreams!!!

I learnt to overcome most of my fears by realizing fear is not real, fear only exists is in our thoughts of the future, it’s a product of our imagination causing us to fear things that might not even exist. Fear is a choice. We choose to fear, so if we choose to fear we can also choose not to fear and embrace our dreams!!!

So what’s holding you back?

You look in to the future and the fears you see, you ask yourself what fears am I holding on to? What fears are you allowing to imprison me? That is keeping me from breaking out, that’s keeping me from living my true potential, that’s really keeping me from being happy?

You need to step back, rethink your life, and look at yourself for a moment. And ask yourself, have you accomplished the goals that were once important to you? Or has your fear held you back?

Ask yourself…What will make you happy and actually set out to do it! Since you are reading this blog post it’s more money in YOUR pocket, not someone else’s, right? So start making an action plan to do it, start by actually doing and going through the steps of the last product you bought don’t leave it on your virtual hard drive self to collect dust and hope it will make money for you because it won’t. Don’t let the fear of failure hold you back. Start today to improve our financial situation, your future self will thank you for it.

Remember you can either live your dreams or live your fears. It’s YOUR choice!!

Don’t let 2015 be another year of fears.

You Deserve MORE!!!

Until Next Time. . . .

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