Who’s in your Inbox?

Over the years since I have been in Internet Marketing I have been on a TON of mailing lists and come across many Internet Marketers teaching all kinds of topics on how to grow your online business. It came to a point if I hadn’t opened my inbox for 2 days I would have over 250 unread mail. Going though each one was time consuming and three quarters of it was just SPAM. One day I decided shift though them all and unsubscribe to the spammers, fluffy and wanting a quick buck internet marketers. Then I realized I was only down to a handful of Internet Marketers that I could but unsubscribe from due to the amount of content, products and value they have given to me and my business over the years. In no particular order, they are:

Lee McIntyre

I have seen is business grow from strength to strength over the years and quiet rightly too. In the space of 57 days we able to quit his job as a full time teacher in UK to full time Internet Marketer. He used a combination of product creation, affiliate marketing, blogging and outsourcing to grow his online empire.

John Thornhill

Unlike other Internet Marketers who grow and become successful, he does not forget about the “little” guy who still struggles online. He helps you gets focused and helps you when you need to. His content in his products are gold.

Omar Martian

He is one of John’s most successful coaching students. He signed up and learned from John when his Partnership to Success was still in its infancy. Due to a direct result of John’s teaching Omar was able to go from zero to 320K within 18 months!

Jon Street

He was the guy that first introduced me to the “good” guys in the Internet Marketing business, he made me realize there are good guys out there that want to help.

Frank Kern


Alex Jefferys

He is a world renowned for helping countless entrepreneurs across the world to create their business from scratch.

Michael Cheney

Again another world class copy writer and entrepreneur helping other achieve their goals.

As I my business grows so are my contacts and respect for them for what they are doing online and help me and other, but the few above are the people I can’t unsubscribe from.

Let me know who you can’t unsubscribe from in the Comments below.

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  • Brian Oliver

    Reply Reply December 11, 2014

    Hi Tasleem,
    This post resonated with me as the new year approaches it is always good to have a clean, fresh start, and make resolutions for the following year.

    De-cluttering the email inbox is always on my list of things to do, although as you rightly say. Leave room for the select few.

    Best wishes
    Brian Oliver

    • tasleem khan

      Reply Reply December 14, 2014

      Thank you for the comment, its always good to de-clutter 🙂

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